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submitted online demand concessions ¥ 300 元

We try to reflect the value of brands to help customers to enhance brand impact, improve corporate image, by by our services, we hope to make most of the attention from the customers to design, the spirit of fair cooperation, win-win attitude, we would like to receive due compensation, our prices are based on our level of service quality design and good after-sales service to calculate our cost of service is really cheap you get it?

solution: price (set)
to promote the brand image cartoon solutions Negotiable
package of brand-building from scratch solutions Negotiable
listed company / group within the corporate brand image optimization + digital solutions Negotiable
foreign trade with products / e-business website marketing solutions Interview
Interactive strong sense of corporate real estate web site real estate marketing + e-Broche solutions Negotiable

single design quote: Price (yuan)
site operation analysis according to plan and manage programs customized business case to make the industry analysis ¥ 3000 / applications
titles Animation provides businesses with excellent animation ¥ 1500 / month
Home Design according to customer needs by a professional web site designer for the overall design, planning ¥ 2500 / page
website templates production including the home page and two page template sections, one each, and the relevant picture production ¥ 3000 / set
single-page template production according to user need to increase the website template, including the relevant picture production ¥ 500 / Page
page content production including text, picture editing and typesetting (electronic version provided by the users of text material) ¥ 150 / Page
Site Logo for users of Creative related marks the establishment of enterprise network images ¥ 1500 / month
image processing artwork by the user, the user needs for effective treatment ¥ 100/10 months
Gif Animation 4 less ¥ 300 / month
Flash Advertising Animation the script according to customer specific quotes ¥ 500 / month from
Multimedia Video 30 秒 ¥ 1000 / month from
digital design 10 + page ¥ 2000 / month from
text input service users paper-based written materials ¥ 50 / thousand words

Implementation of Online e-mail subscription and Member information release
web application development Price: Price (yuan)
Online Shopping Mall including shopping cart, order management, article system, and support for a variety of online payment ¥ 2000 / sets from
message board can achieve the standard message board all the basic functionality ¥ 500
Member Management System can achieve multi-level membership and membership rights management, data management ¥ 1000
mailing list send ¥ 1000
Forum currently used third-party DVBBS or DISCUZ Forum system ¥ 300 debug fee
demand platform custom categories can be realized, including information, audit management, information dissemination platform for the basic functions of business information ¥ 2000
Information News System news updated site information to achieve the functions of ¥ 1000
product management system achieve up to three categories, powerful, easy to update ¥ 1000
online submission system allows web users to the online submission feature ¥ 1000
online inventory management distribution network can be realized for real-time inventory statistics ¥ 1500
Contacts can quickly set up and manage online address book, and to support e-mail listserv ¥ 1000
Network Module can quickly create and manage a nationwide sales network database ¥ 1000
Web advertising management can easily create and manage a large number of large sites advertising ¥ 1000
customer management system can create the perfect online CRM management systems, mainly for sales management system ¥ 5000
Recruitment Platform front your resume, by job classification, the background update ¥ 2000 / sets from
can be targeted for site members to release the information, members only login to see the ¥ 1000
online customer service system realize web-based instant messaging software tools module ¥ 500

Website Maintenance Services: Price (yuan)
members managed to maintain U.S. special technology companies and Web site design or construction agreement entered into, get free lifetime technical support and site security maintenance. Free
Standard Maintenance include any number of times for the original web page text editor and modify the layout, do not provide the production of new content pages, (electronic version provided by the user of text material) ¥ 3000 / Year
managed service responsible for overall maintenance of the site, including the 30 times the following contents of each of the 12 maintenance production, and related amendments to the original page image processing, but does not include changes made website templates (electronic version provided by the user of text material ) ¥ 14400 / Year
site training Limited Yangzhou City ¥ 200 / views

Website Optimization Quote:
Website Optimization Basic Price [more quotes, invited the Advisory QQ: 3936636 / 10642262 View Website Optimization Case>>

one can achieve any results

Since the signing of the contract, the 1 to 4 months to ensure that any natural Baidu or google.cn to achieve top 10 rankings (not auction advertising) effects can be simultaneously optimized for Baidu, goolg , yahoo, SOSO, TOM and other major search engines.
Willing to pay for better rankings, according to the following charges: Reached the top 5 are subject to 30% of the cost to reach 20% before closing costs of 3 plus; to the first, then charges the interview, to further assess the costs

Second, the calculation of the cost

1, provide website address and key words
2, see keywords and URL, according to the current situation and key words websites popularity, search results, quotes.
3, the main factor affecting pricing: Keyword popularity, the site code quality, search engine performance.

Third, how to pay

1, only the option to accept payment methods in optimizing paid
2, good price, after mutual consultation, a contract to pay 50% of the optimal cost.
2,5 keywords has reached agreement with three rankings, customers pay 30% of the cost. Has reached the last five ranking, to pay the remaining costs.

4, the following circumstances, we do not optimize

1. website has been search engine penalties or data problems.
2. A site has multiple domain names, or the original domain name to be punished, a new application domain.
3. Illegal sites or keywords, Baidu does not allow to do the keyword bidding.
4. Not allowed to make any changes on the website does not provide FTP information.
5. Web server instability, the site often can not open.

Website Optimization Fees
search results (yuan / year) top results (google, baidu) coverage
30 万 less 4000 1-5 keywords to ensure at least one keyword among the top 10 google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, youdao
50 万 less 5500 1-5 keywords to ensure at least one keyword among the top 10 google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, youdao
80 万 less 6600 1-5 keywords to ensure at least one keyword among the top 10 google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, youdao
100 Wanneby 8000 1-5 keywords to ensure at least one keyword among the top 10 google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, youdao
120 Wanneby 9400 1-5 keywords At least one keyword to ensure top 10 google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, youdao
150 Wanneby 12000 1-5 keywords to ensure at least one keyword among the top 10 google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, youdao
180 Wanneby 18000 from 1-5 keywords to ensure at least one keyword among the top 10 google, baidu, yahoo, sogou, youdao
reached the top 5 are subject to 30% of the cost to receive the first 3 plus 20% of the cost; to the first, then charges the interview, to be assessment of costs

domain name space quote: price (year)
international top-level English domain name .com / .net /. ¥ 80
domestic English domain name .com.cn / .net.cn / .cn ¥ 80
Chinese domain name 手机电影网.com ¥ 320
Mail 100M space ¥ 100
200M space ¥ 180
300M space ¥ 260
500M space ¥ 400
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