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Meit Technology network technology is founded in 2004, is famous Yangzhou City website design company, with services to nearly one hundred well-known experience in corporate and government websites. Follow the growth and development of the Internet as a network of companies, we have become well-known brands of web design, Meit Technology network technology has been excellent Chinese enterprises to provide integrated brand marketing and interactive design services, read materials group listed companies, IT software technology, the Housing real estate, clothing, trade, fashion and many other industries, and established a good reputation, has accumulated rich experience and works of cases, our professional design service quality standards and good after-sales service to win customers is also widely recognized.

As the design industry's leading professional design firm, Meit Technology network technology of self-development, consistently met by assertions with the "network branding" and "Network Interactive Ying Xiao SEO and SEM" Deng theoretical studies in, and Zong Shi Ba Researchresults in the first time applied to the customer's practical work, so many years, has been working with Meit Technology network technology to maintain a stable and harmonious customer service relationship. We are always concerned about the trend of international business design trends, and timely sharing of information with customers. And a number of well-known companies with the cooperation projects signed, Meit Technology network technology, business began to expand and get steadily. . .

Has the perfect technology and years of experience, through continuous temper, we have become the industry's top brand web site design company, it is our responsibility to go with a strong customer service for each result, we have the confidence to continue fight!

What can we do?

We are a traditional Chinese culture have a feeling, but the design is very international business of professional website design company, we understand the network marketing plan is a network of companies, we focus on: the construction of corporate VI brand, brand marketing planning, corporate website design and construction, SEO search engine ranking optimization, web design interactive communication, multimedia animation business. The image of the enterprise networking site of choice for partners!

Why choose us?

Lets you choose us, we will not use the cheap traps, we rely on the strength and creative force, not cheap labor!

01, the top team

Our staff have over 90% of all bachelor's degree, all have years of e-business development and brand planning design experience.

Meit Technology NetWork of Medical Science Project project manager responsibility system, so that the most experienced project manager to lead the whole project, which is our company has with other Internet companies of the differences, our design director graduated from the Nanjing Arts Institute Design Department, in French School of Design students for many years, works once the international design competition for the domestic ranking. Technical Director, Master of Software Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology graduate, was IBM, Cisco technical certification, a former project manager of large software companies, development director duties, developing a large-scale ERP, OA, and experience all kinds of e-commerce platform. Our design can change, your (corporate) image that can be attracted to more customers, and therefore able to increase sales.

02, dedicated and professional

Our design is good at doing a commercial, international style of work!

Real mature high-end customers do not have much time waiting on your website long macro FLASH, they have no patience for your company's website above, the effect of a product to wait a few minutes, because they like you, time is very precious. How to retain them? This is not a one plus one equals two simple questions on! .

As a business leader, you should have a clear idea to anatomic site in your heart, and stand to think about your customers point of view, what kind of design is good design? We believe that it is time to consider your site to re-establish your brand image under the.

03, to help our customers ahead of the competition

We have reason to believe that every company is not designed to do for yourself, of course, to the customer to see, our company's strength lies in our technology base, creativity is the wings, only the full use of the network, their creativity can take you reflected the value, spread out.

We are not just for their companies put on your coat, we have through our network of knowledge to help clients optimize web site to site even more professional, more competitive, we want our customers to be able to network at Nin who Tongguo.

Our SEO techniques can help your site than your competitors!


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