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When you choose " website " has great importance to your company website to prove it! You are the next person! Website is a systematic and professional work. U.S. special Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou, as a professional website company in Yangzhou, will try to understand your site, the enterprise image promotion status, industry, network marketing conditions, website maintenance staffing, etc., and then design appropriate for your company site revision / reconstruction program.

site had to be revised, what is the problem then?

is the site design does not look good, and the company designed a picture several times, and site altered the re-design?
Is accompanied by a website, your site is old, and let people think that life and the company has not changed?
Is your site to do a long time, sites may be altered behind?
Is behind the site features no longer meet the market demand for online marketing, and to be altered?

Professional website company Network Technology Co., Ltd. Yangzhou U.S. special on the website according to customer's specific needs and the implementation of different jobs, including website graphic design revision, the site features version, website marketing, revision and revision and so the whole site as a whole. Website update not just limited to simple product or graphic information website is a systematic and professional work.

general website content including:

1, client's industry, the depth of the customers themselves.
2, site survey targets customer needs.
3, the customer the original site as a whole diagnosis, analysis, and results of the analysis.
4, the target user needs analysis survey and diagnosis of communication and consultation with clients.
5, to develop site structure planning, content positioning.
6, and in-depth analysis to determine the ultimate goal of website - the network for customers to win more customers and sales orders!

website process:

1, analysis and diagnosis
Understand your company website facelift Xu Qiu, your industry to your company, product and service features analysis; on the customer to diagnose the original site, to identify problems and areas for improvement, Wancheng site revision Chubudingwei.
2, communication planning
Survey fractional customer demand, through system to determine the direction of website and eventually do website / website reconstruction and sign the contract.
3 website
According to website / reconstruction of the book, on the customer site specific revision, revision, such as graphic design website, website functionality version, website marketing, revision and revision and so the whole site as a whole.

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