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YangZhou Meit Network Technology Not participate in the pitch and the reasons for bidding!

Currently, there are a popular trend, the pitch! Whether big or small the project is the tender frequently than the draft. To like is to keep up with international popularity of competitive fairness, we must give leadership to see the higher levels, this is very fair, no rebate of any personal interests. ..

Low-cost production site for you What is really?

Many customers ask me why people make a website only to Senpachi hundred dollars, and we have to to the thousands of dollars? Oh, now produced in Yangzhou site, has a market quotation is in chaos, many Web service providers to offer both cheap to attract more clients, more than 1000 pieces, or even hundreds, but some companies have to offer the same site in the million, an industry so huge why a quote? They can offer such low prices, low in the end where? ...

Refuse to allow some clients aim is to better service and part of customers

When writing this marketing point of view, has been thinking about a problem, perhaps the constraints of traditional thinking people's minds, it is perhaps not the original treat customers. But in the end I still insist this is done, I will have a choice to treat customers. Dealing with customers, I always insist on the need to adhere to the principles and dignity, because each was originally on an equal basis in cooperation. I will not beg to you, this is too passive, but I use now to save you my customer? I hope - "excellent ability to create and design", I simply do my design, and I unremitting efforts, you find that you do not find me things to consider ...

Price or value ?

"Oh, your price was expensive!" I heard the phrase N customers in the consultation said. We would like, you care about is price, or value? Ask you to consider this question: you need to build a just let your customer know what your business website? Still need to build a full trust allows your customers the quality of your brand, image and differentiate your brand for greater efficiency and intangible assets of site? ...

Choice or give up

We have been convinced that "possession, starting from the Institute to give up" reason. Therefore, we will have a choice to customers. Dealing with customers, the need to maintain our consistent principle and dignity, because each other is about cooperation on the basis of equality, so we will not beg for what clients, this is too passive, but what means should we let You rest assured that the choice of us? We hope that "excellent site design capabilities and reasonable price", we simply do site, give you reasonable price, for our unremitting efforts, now it is not with us you are considered. ...

Customer Principles

Any "look at what you do a few of the program design level," so we can not accept, and very disgusted with the case. We believe that excellent cooperation requires both sides to love fully. Design a good website is need for adequate time, adequate communication, understanding, analysis and cost inputs, so as to achieve make the site suitable for enterprises and products, custom-made for its good body and increase brand value. If a customer casually made a point of information Take back the program, even more beautiful, or at best only be regarded as art production scheduling plan, no thought at all, so we do not act irresponsibly and without this sense of things, there is no time and the need to waste time in this session, the more time and thought spent on those customers who have signed is our responsibility....
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