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1, the purpose of Government Websites

"People-oriented" and building "transparency, service, democratic" government is China's government changed functions, the development trend of Er growing government website building, diligent innovation by the "Government information public, online work and public participation" in the three functional position, is leaving the work of all government web sites and end point is also the basis of our government websites requirements and performance evaluation of the theory of basic government websites. Through the government portal to facilitate and efficiently meet the business and the public access to government information, access to government services, participation in public decision-making and a series of demands for democracy, and helps to further strengthen the ruling party.

Government achieve its objectives:
Site sections concise and reasonable;
Page layout, reflecting the government portal decency steady, concise and generous;
IT platform into the home side;
Web site directory to achieve the release of government information;
Web content management system promotion back;
Promotion interactive web site;
Will call statistics, workload statistics front of;
Promotion search, e-mail subscriptions, RSS, personal effectiveness, the portal design.

2, positioning the effectiveness of the government portal

(1) Web site features information disclosure
"Open government information" should be emphasis on government public information website comprehensive and effective, and overall accuracy and completeness of the information. That overall, the government stressed the public should be "the principle of open, not open to exception," the government websites of government information should be sought to reflect the overall process of administrative affairs and results of comprehensive economic development shared by the Government and social life control of information resources. The so-called effectiveness, the government affairs should do the "regular job on a regular basis the public, the meeting program, open stage of work paragraph by paragraph, a temporary job at any time public", government websites need to pay attention to the protection of information and updates in a timely manner that the latest, most real effectiveness of government information. The so-called accuracy, which stressed that the site must be able to represent the Government announced the information necessary to reflect the prestige, therefore request all levels of government websites must have a high degree of prestige of the information supply channels.So complete, that is, stressed that public information web site deserves to form a complete system, not only public course information, such as government planning schemes and progress of work situations, but also the results of public information, such as summary of the work and achievements of publicity and so on.
(2) the effectiveness of the online work
"Online Law" emphasis on user-centered integration of information resources and services is the Government website and the whole e-government life line, for enterprises and the public provision of public services is the core of the government website. Government website "work online" services should be focused on administrative matters, to social services to make up; government websites in the form of public service should be gradually released from the Information Service to information exchange and expand the depth of disposal; the structure of public services, government websites must be "user centric", the maximum level to facilitate the users to access various services.
Government website's "online things" that can be important in two aspects: First, information exchange and disposal in accordance with the great, complex division of the online work to the level of depth, such as forms to download, online consulting, online inquiries and online reporting, etc., requested the Government website able to provide different depths every issue of "integration" services; 2 yes the government website should have a high "customer consciousness", should be able to use sufficient discretion the user's habits, thus, government websites should be in accordance with different user objects Using the framework of the theme design of public services, breaking the boundaries of government departments, integration of various online resources and systems work, providing full life cycle of enveloped customers "one stop" service.
(3) public participation website features
To establish and improve a variety of government websites "public participation" channels to ensure that the user views and recommendations are promptly disposed of and feedback."Public participation" is the main function of positioning the government website, one is to protect the citizens enjoy the right to participate and to supervise the primary wrist. Establishing and improving the website's "public participation" is the e-government construction of channels, a primary obligation. "Public participation" positioning to achieve the purpose, not only have to emphasize public participation in Local Government website build itself, and more emphasis on business and the public deserve the government to exchange communication with the consequences of making government websites truly interactive officials and the public to play a "bridge" of the role of .
At present, public participation, "contains an important form of online complaints, the guidance-mail, online surveys, online interviews and public forums, the construction of these channels is involved in the work of the fundamental contents of the government website, at all levels of government web sites which should be perfect the first" public participation " basic channels. more mainly, the need to avoid public participation in government websites "image projects" and "superfluous" phenomenon, will need to ensure that the user views and suggestions put forward to rationalize the processing and timely feedback to make government websites "public participation" part truly life forces.
(4) Web site design features
Web site design should be concise and generous, adequate positioning the Government on the three sites, as far as possible to facilitate the users. Technical factors, although not the resolution performance of the vital factors in the government website, but the affinity of the Government's website has a great influence, it should be regarded highly enough. Government website on behalf of the government's image, the page style which should be prudent generous, simple decency. The design of government websites will need to highlight the function of positioning the government website, part framework for context aware that the page design should care as much as possible the use of different user behavior, the situation must not seek the fancy. Meanwhile, the government website deserves the perfect assist function, help the user easy access to information and services, such as set victory to powerful search engine, set the site map and the use of assistance, links to resources in a reasonable classification of the site and so on. Government website for the more mature, you can try to provide more personalized services such as custom columns, content subscription, etc., according to the needs of users push services.

3, the government website Columns

Service-oriented government portal is the objective, to channel joins with the part method.Channels in accordance with the user object into the residents, enterprises, investors, tourists, civil servants; the same time part in accordance with government information, work services, public participation and group management, website and e-government coherent document request trends, the site is divided into sections "Information Disclosure type, service class, acting classes online, online interactive classes, Web site management category," five major categories.
Public class information
CategoryColumnContentColumns to explain
Public class information
Government InformationOpen Government Information DirectoryOpen Directory Online Information Seeking and the case open to the public directory information corresponding information for the index open
Department Information Disclosure List
To urban public catalog of government information
Government Information Guide Information disclosure system for documents, the case formulation process
Open by applicationAccording to the actual functional form for public submission, feedback query
Administrative topicsWind around government work and popular choice close to the people's livelihood, the establishment of thematic focus column
A spokesman for the government information 
Government Policy Address 
City Yearbook 
Sun Chief Hotline 
Administrative NoticeGovernment Notice noticeNotification notice, a government meeting, daily office information, news dynamic, major construction projects and the implementation of standard consent conditions
Department publicity Notice
Personnel InformationThe level of government appointment, removal and promotion of cadres, Servants, education and training
Live (Live) CityDynamic workIntegration of existing IT platforms to the Web page area to take the frame construction method of switching that to achieve the maximum expression of information content
Policy documents
Service Information
Media watch city
Personnel appointment and removal of
(Government / Departments / Town / Area | Popular topics)
Regulatory documentsCountry, and city laws, rules and regulationsListed country, and city laws, rules and regulations (link mode can be adopted)
Municipal government documentBy the municipal government category
Board and city government commissioned papersCommissioned by Council and the municipal category
Department DocumentsBy sector, subject classification, then to enumerate
Policy InterpretationInterpretation of the various policies
Administration NewsVideo news release to the situation
City Love CityDescribes the project situation City City
Service Class
CategoryColumnContentColumns to explain
Service Class
Convenience Services
The city's daily air qualityDaily information on the projects that the city
Useful city
Traffic information throughout the city
The city directory of medical and health institutions
Convenience Questions
Train service
Entry can be directly called by unifying the various services website
Scene-serviceMarital adoptionUser-centered, scientific classification for all types of users of services, providing a rich personalized, professional-service scenarios
Old-age insurance
Account handling
Transportation Travel
Dynamic Marriages
People concerned about (topic)HousingProviding various people a hot topic
Query Service
Individual social insurance payment information inquiryProvide the information online inquiries
Housing fund inquiry
Medical fee scale inquiry
Enterprise Basic Information Query
Online Law Class
CategoryColumnContentColumns to clarify
Online Law ClassApply onlineOnline acceptanceAvailable online as well as coherent elements of work issues
Status checkOn matters of state publicity work
Publication of ResultsThe results of the work automatically open
DownloadWork to provide the necessary forms on the issues
Law ConsultationOf the work process presents various problems, on-line consultation
Monitoring complaints 
Law Guide 
By department
Listed according to sector classification of the various departments
Divided by issues (service people category)Breakdown of work items in accordance with
Online interactive classes
CategoryColumn ContentColumns to explain
Online interactive classes
The guide-mail, mail using the clear (time promised), a letter published case to answer frequently asked questions, letters, query processing conditions
View collected
To carry out close work with public relations, matters of opinion solicitation and Publication of Results
Monitoring complaints
The complainant provided the information
Online Consultation
Provide advice on various issues, online answer
Proposal proposal
For the NPC / CPPCC National Committee members to submit suggestions / proposals
Online Interview
Interview of the interactive creation of a column, once a subject, by the guidance office or department of government guidance interview guests, the adoption of text, pictures and live video and other circumstances, to answer people's questions online
Site Management
CategoryColumn ContentColumns to clarify
Site Management
Call statistics
Read rating
To the top front of
Updated rankings
Hot Articles
Hot part
Public Service
Adoption of full-text search, advanced search methods to search
RSS, e-mail subscription, customization
Adopted in accordance with personalized e-mail, RSS subscription information form

4, the portal group technology system

(1), Server
Quantity: At least 2 sets, one as the database server, a WEB server and cache server to do the backup server
CPU: Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.0GHZ more
Memory: Minimum 2G DDR-II RAM, expandable up to 48G.
HDD: 73.6GB hard disk, and ability to support at least four hot-swappable hard drives.
NIC: Two 1000 MB Fast Ethernet card.
(2), Portal development logic structure group

Use of services related to online systems for approving and building business unit combination of factors, not the building of the list.
(3), safety
1) firm in the network (bandwidth 128K) of the operational interface of a single operation under the system response time is less than 2 seconds;
2) support a minimum 5,000 concurrent users, 200 concurrent users, the normal minimum performance requirements;
3) support more than 3 million years of recorded data the number of bytes of data than 30GB;
4) The system provides 7 × 24 hours of continuous operation

5, after-sale service and technical support

(1), the portal test group
After completion of the portal group, composed of professional test team. Website testing team will address all aspects of action of 5-10 days of professional testing, test history have any questions required by the contract engineer must promptly amend the construction of side until the test victory.
(2), service coherent matter
◎ development process, we proposed changes to demand and limited in the context of the development contract, after confirmation by both parties, according to the requirements necessary for the construction of side changes.
◎ delivery of our test system running, building contractors, based on the results of user testing procedures to maintain accuracy.
◎ system we use formally submitted and accepted after the construction of the system provided by the accuracy of three-year free maintenance and technical support.
◎ year, and we provide free maintenance service; free service areas include: system maintenance and monitoring; eliminate settlement failures resulting from the operation site, to ensure normal operation of the site;
◎ site exists BUG, to provide free lifetime elimination of services;
(3), technical support
Submitted to our system after use, such as technical support to our plea, building contractors, telephone support if the problem can be solved by telephone pointing solution; major technical problems and timely on-site technical support, technical support engineers will arrive in 3 hours, the user site , repair time less than 24 hours;
1) catastrophic event: due to system development problems occurred in the, construction of organizational development team to immediately change to the site as soon as possible to solve the problem. System due to virus or other causes of non-use system for catastrophic events (including the system can not boot, etc.) need to be restored to operating conditions, construction appropriate to charge for travel, service fees for on-site recovery operations.
2) the severity of the fault: the problem caused by the data because of the fault system development, contractor shall immediately modify organizational development team, and as soon as possible to the site home free.
3) normal fault: If the program presents the development of the "clerical error" and would not cause serious data loss, the construction of the development team immediately to change organizations, and through software distribution channels for all operators to use the software upgrade.

6, the portal base operations support systems

(1) establish a group to maintain a sound system of the government portal
In accordance with the "balance plan, collaborative development, classified management" requirements, from now on, the city government web site, departments and units of information about website building, website management to strictly follow the city center of unity of plan, the identity of a unified standard design a unified management approach, to set different characteristics of the part, so that the city government information system, the formation of the organic unity of the whole site.
(2) solid content, good service
The township government, municipal departments and units of municipal government portal site content in accordance with the unified scheme requirements, organize the information resources, updating the data, continuous improvement of information and service quality, and good municipal government portal content support work.
(3) strict management, safe operation
Municipal government website, departments and units to establish a standard Web site information gathering, review and release system, hierarchical management, severe check, unaudited information shall not be put online; to advance awareness of security preparedness, establishing a sound safety management system, developed contingency plans to ensure safe and reliable operation of site groups.
(4) force deployment, resource sharing
Construction of the city's system of government information website with a relatively concentrated manner, in addition to a few bear the "gold" standard works independently of network construction department, other departments and department local area network information website, OA office business system construction should take into account planning, adequate application of municipal government portal Web site hardware, software, network and security infrastructure, the establishment of a unified standard of the Government Website.
(5) ensure the website construction and operation of the necessary funds for protection of specialized personnel
Follow the government-led, system security, professional protection principles, and gradually establish a standardized, efficient, and reliable information network operating system.
(6) establish a sound evaluation mechanism to monitor continuously the quality of service and level of progress
The establishment of municipal government portal content protection supervision and evaluation mechanism, the relevant units regularly submit information to the government website documents, city government department established to protect the contents of the site to conduct inspection notification, to prevent access of information loss and delay, improvegovernment website information and services to improve the quality and extent.
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