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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) called, is the last century 90's a U.S. IT company based on the then Computer, IT technology and business needs of the supply chain management, forecasting information age in the future the development of enterprise management information system trends and impending changes, which put forward this idea.

ERP is the view of the commodity resource management (logistics), human resources management (flow), financial resource management (money flow), information resource management (information flow) integration of integrated business management software. A concept developed by the Gartner Group, describes the next generation manufacturing business systems and manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) software. It includes client / server architecture, graphical user interface, use the open system design. In addition to the existing standard features, it also includes other features such as quality, process operations management, and adjust the report. In particular, ERP basic technology used will also give users software and hardware independence of both easier to upgrade. ERP is the key to cutting its application to all users, which has a natural ease.

However, ERP itself is not managed, it can not replace the management. ERP itself can not solve their management problems. Enterprise management problems can only be resolved by the managers themselves. ERP management solution can be a tool for business management issues. Many companies because of wrongly ERP as the management itself, the ERP before implementation can not seriously analyze the management of enterprises, to find solution, and too much reliance on ERP to resolve the issue.

Finally, not only the old problems are not effectively addressed, but also created many new problems, ultimately leading to the ERP implementation failure. Companies are therefore crippled. What is the correct understanding of ERP and not what will be before the implementation of the ERP careful analysis of existing enterprises in the management problems, understand the ERP to solve these problems, which fully and carefully Jihua Yu Li Yong ERP to solve these problems the implementation procedure, which give full play to provide the basis for the efficiency of ERP.

CRM (Customer Relationship Managemen)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the customer relationship management. The concept proposed initially by the Gartner Group, and the recently popular enterprise e-commerce. The main meaning of CRM is the customer detailed information on in-depth analysis to increase customer satisfaction, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises as a means.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Customer Relationship Management, is accompanied by the tide of the Internet and e-commerce into China. Oracle was started two years ago in China, customer relationship management (CRM), market education and popularization

The earliest development of customer relationship management are the United States, in the early 1980s, there so-called "contact management" (Contact Management) company specializing in collecting customer contact with all the information. To 1,990, including call centers evolve into data analysis to support Customer Care (Customer care).

From the perspective of management science to examine, from customer relationship management (CRM) marketing theory; from the perspective of solution, customer relationship management (CRM), is the marketing concept of scientific management of information technology by means of integrated software above, to the popularity of the global large-scale and applications.

Marketing as an independent economic subject has been almost a hundred years of history. In recent decades, marketing theory and method has greatly promoted the development of industry and commerce in Western countries, profoundly affect the company's business concept and the way people live. In recent years, the rapid development of information technology, marketing management and application of universal ideas to open up a vast space. We see that information technology is growing rapidly and expanding its function, is science fiction have been written with the former way of thinking reasoning. In some respects, information technology, intelligence is being replaced by human intelligence.

In CRM, the customer is an important asset of enterprises

In the traditional management and the existing financial system, only the plant, equipment, cash, stocks, bonds and other asset. With the development of technology, began to technology, talents as a business asset. To every means of technology and human resources emphasis. However, this concept of division of assets is a closed loop, not open. Both traditional fixed and current assets of, or emerging talent and technology assets of, the value of all enterprises to be achieved some conditions, but not entirely conditions, and its essential part is to realize the value of the final product stages also the most important stage, at this stage of the leader is the client.

In a product-centric business model to the customer-centric business model transformation case, many companies began to customers as its important assets, continued to take a variety of ways to implement the enterprise customer care to improve customer satisfaction of the business and loyalty. We see more and more companies in the world in making this concept, for example: "what customers want to", "customer is God", "supreme interests of its clients," "the market is always right, the customer is always right "" concept of innovation, technological innovation, wealth can be sustained ...... before it can become a long-distance race "and so on.

CRM maximum improvement for the entire customer relationship life cycle performance. CRM integrates customers, company, staff and other resources, that resources are effectively structured to be allocated and restructuring, facilitate the entire customer relationship life cycle time understanding that the use of resources and knowledge; simplification, optimization of various business processes, enables companies and employees in sales, service, marketing activities, able to focus on improving customer relations, enhance the performance of important aspects of core business, improve staff and rapid response to customer feedback capabilities; for customers the convenience, customers can quickly get on demand personalized products, programs and services.

Customer care is the center of CRM

At the beginning, companies providing service to customers as a support for their specific products. This is because some products require periodic repairs and maintenance. For example, household appliances, computer, automotive and so on. This customer service are largely considered to be an integral part of the product itself. If there is no after-sale service, customers simply will not buy company products. Who has done a good after-sales service company in its market on an upward trend. Conversely, those who do not pay attention to after-sales service company whose market is at a disadvantage.

Customer Care permeated all aspects of marketing. Customer Care, including the following areas: customer service (including product information to customers and service recommendations, etc.), product quality (should conform to relevant standards for customer use, to ensure safe and reliable), Quality of Service (refer to the process of engagement with business customers the experience), service (including after-sales inquiries and complaints, as well as maintenance and repair).

Variable in all marketing, customer care attention to the different stages on the transaction, creating a friendly, encouraging, and efficient atmosphere. Significance of customer care the largest of the four actual marketing variables: product and services (customer care core), communication, sales incentives and public relations. CRM software for customer care module fully into the relevant marketing variables which make customer care the very abstract issues through a series of relevant indicators to measure, to facilitate timely adjustment of corporate strategy on customer care, enabling customers to produce more enterprise high loyalty.

Customer Care aims to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Some very authoritative international research institutions, through in-depth investigation and study were obtained after a number of conclusions that, "to increase customer satisfaction by five percentage points, the result is double the profit of enterprises"; "a very satisfactory Customer satisfaction with their purchase intention of a customer six times higher than the ";" 2 / 3 from suppliers to customers because of their care providers is not enough ";" 93% of the company CEO that customer relationship management is the business success and more competitive and the most important factor ";

As the product life cycle of business as customers is also a life-cycle. The more long-term customer retention cycle, enterprise higher investment returns relative to the enterprise profits will be. So very, very important to retain customers. What kind of customer retention, how to retain customers is the company raised an important issue.

Thousands of enterprise customers, business customers and understands so much how much? Do not know customers can not distinguish between customers. What measures should be taken to segment customers and customer segments should be taken on what form of market activity, what level of care means that we can continue to cultivate customer satisfaction, which is the traditional face of Customer Relationship Management challenge.

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