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In short, corporate brand presence on the Internet is the network brand. There are two aspects of the network brand meanings: First, set up by means of the Internet brand, and second, under the Internet on the net impact of both brands. Both brand building and promotion on the way and focus is different, but the goal is the same, are the creation of enterprises and enhance the overall image.


● Web brands ranked behind by a number of competitors!
● Web site brand awareness is low, less than popular website platform, the overall utilization rate of the lower!
● website promotion strategies single, failed to fully deliver brand value!
● brand building does not meet expectations!
● Web site customer loyalty is low, many customers choose competitors!


1、 through the development of web branding program, integrating a variety of marketing methods, so that site stand out within a short timeframe;
2、 by setting up stations, stations outside the brand-building mechanism, fully tap the Web resources to Web site to maintain vitality, stability and customer base.


1、brand positioning and status of site
2、of the type of site characteristics and industry trends
3、Know Your Brand Development
4、developed the brand campaign website
5、to assist the implementation of site branding program
6、assess the effect of brand promotion.

To benefit from

1、 increased brand awareness quickly and effectively to help sales staff to promote signing;
2、 to enhance brand reputation, resulting in radiation effect, give rise extremely popular website, a huge customer traffic;
3、 brand enhancement allows Web site operators into the virtuous circle, in this basis, many of the new scheme.

Implementation of security

Profound experience of 10 years of the Internet, original ideas!
8 years experience in the operation of large-scale Web brands, experienced!
Experience of the successful implementation of a number of large sites, assurance!

Implementation procedures

1、 the beginning
Contact the customer, and platform for customer site status; extensive investigation, and initial diagnostic report!
2、 determine the stage
In-depth research needs of Web site operators and brand building, brand promotion programs to determine the content and assessment criteria!
3、 the implementation phase
And Web site operators to cooperate fully implement branding program!
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