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Park West is located in the western city of Yangzhou, east Yun Yang Road, west to northwest Belt Highway, north to Yang Ye Road, south Wenhui West Road, with a total planned area of 42.17 square kilometers, of which built-up area of 10 square kilometers, the construction of 4.17 square kilometers, and another 28 square kilometers of land reserved for future development, planning and construction in 2001 and set up a construction headquarters, established in 2006, Metro West Party Working Committee, the CMC (respectively, municipal, municipal government agency ...

"China Gaoyou" won the National County Government Website Performance tenth

At 9 o'clock on the 11 January, the Department of Industry and Information Technology held in Beijing in the seventh (2008) Chinese government website performance assessment conference, "China Gaoyou" The government won the Chinese government portal web site performance assessment at the county level group of tenth (Jiangsu Province ranked third). And the Kunshan City, Yizheng, respectively the second and sixth columns. ..

Yangzhou MeiNv-Since ancient times, Yangzhou was famous of the MeiNv,

Since ancient times, Yangzhou was famous of the MeiNv, A legend for many many times. The story of Yangzhou MeiNv, even popular overseas. There is a lot place famous of their beauty in China, Only "Yangzhou MeiNv" is loudest, and the most widely...
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