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our project in line with both sides a fair and reciprocal co-operation principle of a professional process to make cooperation more smoothly on, interactive projects for the Web site where cooperation process, only suitable for small and medium enterprise cooperation process, other brand planning class or special requirements project, you can contact us the specific interview ...

customers make demands

customers by phone, email or online contact orders put forward their own website or interactive animation of the "basic needs", including:
1. Company
2. Project [Web site or animation] branded content areas
3. Project [Web site or animation] brand
basic functional requirements 4. The basic design requirements

We provide "proposals and quotations"

to answer customer inquiries, to respond to customer demand, upon request, provide the brand two working days after the proposal [not including the design of the program?] and offer information and choices for customers.

determine Intentions

client side accepted our proposals and quotes, both in interviews, telephone or e-mail, etc., for the project content and specific requirements negotiated cooperation. The two sides signed a construction contract or any other web site design contract, customers pay the deposit side.

provide material and content of information

contract, the customer provided by the project [web site or animation] the required written materials (electronic version) and picture material, CD-ROM or send us any storage media. My company received the information, creative design to begin planning.

DEMO creative design and prototype production

our preliminary information received, the site of three - five working days to clients style draft. Animations in three - five days animation storyboards to clients, other design, as the workload of the draft submitted by the design. Customer review and confirm the design draft of our production standard prototype DEMO template file to facilitate customer recognition.

production and development

customer review and confirmation prototype DEMO template, we started making a whole other design. Are involved in program development can be carried out simultaneously.

Test and Acceptance

1. in accordance with the project schedule time, we unified all the design files uploaded to the test server, customers browse the Internet in the acceptance of time acceptance;
2. Acceptance of the project, including the accuracy and validity of links, page design is true to the draft text of accuracy (to provide the electronic document as the basis), the effectiveness of such modules;
3. According to customer feedback for three small changes to acceptance.

improvement and installation of the transfer

customers pay the balance in accordance with the contract, the balance after we receive all the items in the [Web site or animation] file transfer to the customer, or should customers entrust the project [web site or Flash] files directly install to the specified server [free]. Thus, project [web site or Animation] the end of the design development process.

maintenance and technology to track

completion of the project, while U.S. special technology design and development of the site is very convenient for the customer site can operate with general clerical update the other hand, the U.S. special technology also provides free web hosting for one year maintenance at any time to the customers. Such as updating the customer does not update the hand can also be signed with our "Web Hosting Maintenance Agreement", by the maintenance and update services we provide.

website promotion process ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

1, to promote interest and understanding of your company's customers range;
2, know your budget for promotion in the network;
3, for the promotion of your program accordingly;
4, signed a "project to promote the agreement";
5, to promote services;
6, post extension services assist you to monitor the effects.

website maintenance process ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

1, inform your URL;
2, you must fully understand the site;
3, to understand the scope of your maintenance and maintenance of traffic;
4, to provide you with the appropriate maintenance program;
5, signed a "Project Maintenance Agreement" (pay the full amount);
6, will be your company's Web site Ftp user name, password, and the appropriate management authority to transfer;
7, for maintenance.
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