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Q: Meit Network Technology www.meit.cn company name? Location?

A: www.meit.cn Meit Network Technology name is "Meit Network Technology Co., Ltd. of Yangzhou," We are the meritorious class brand design company, nearly one hundred years of well-known companies and we do bigger and stronger as a follow Internet's growth and development that we have become well-known design brands, Meit Network Technology has been China's top brand companies to provide integrated marketing and interactive design services, read materials group listed companies, IT Software Technology, Real Estate, apparel, trade, fashion and many other industries, and established a good reputation, has accumulated rich experience and work cases, our professional design service and good after-sales service quality standards are widely recognized to win customers.

Q: You have a design philosophy? Good style?

A: Our design philosophy is very simple, is "designed to reflect the real value of the design of"; we do not lofty designers, we do not do not listen to customer feedback for designers , we do not do no change the value of the surface bright help designers! We know that only truly express the advantages of business services or products, the design of the most perfect design! We specialize in the style is international, commercial design, simplicity is not simple, emphasizing creativity but also closely integrated with commercial principles ....

Q: how to prove your company's site design better than others?

A: Our company is very well known in the industry interactive design company, our team of managers and designers have a wealth of industry design experience, our emphasis on website, that is, not to the image Good site for new design new packaging, the design level we have been recognized by many large companies, and has become the company's Assignment for Huawei unit Tencent, our serious for each client to Fuze, we want our design to clients of Xinshang agree, we do not say that we design a certain design than the good of others, but we will say that we have our own design ideas and style, and will have to maintain their own style, best and most refined, so We can highlight the characteristics, so that more customers aware of our strengths. ....

Q: Will the contract process? How do delivery?

A: OK good price, we both need to sign an agreement, foreign customers to fax signed, pay the deposit, we begin the design of home, usually three to provide information working on the submitted draft design. . Draft design will be uploaded to our site we address you have to test, test passed, we started the production of and procedures for web development. After development, we also will spread to test space, by you are tests, after modified, acceptance. End to pay the remaining amount, we will upload all the files to your space free of charge. Detailed procedures, please click ....

Q: Let's do a few draft design to compare it?

A: We do not participate in any form of the pitch and bidding, we will not go to validate our design capabilities to any business unit specific design submitted by the so-called draft, this is not the customer responsible for our own career is also irresponsible, there are no issues of right and wrong, but our development principles ....

Q: You worked in our industry like design?

A: We have been asked repeatedly to be customers too: "if done in our industry like design?" has the oil industry, automotive industry, and even gaming industry; enterprises design company industry experience in doubt is understandable Di, Dan, after all, to carry out the new media industries Cai few years, how many businesses and even Lian Wang Luo no contact, even if Women did related industries, it Jishuyeshi increasingly Gengxin, fast changing. Vegetables as you ask the boss will not sell fruit, it is only targeted at a different, and the experience and skills are non-transferable.

Q: You are the company's price to what grade?

A: We are positioned to have a certain ability to identify and focus on brand image of the customer, which we take into account the client's psychological need affordable so that our designs should be able to get some return, we and other companies can make the difference between the price of most of our customers understand our system is fair and equitable, so to speak, our price is not the highest nor the lowest, but it is most appropriate ....

Q: Design is complete, follow-up support is provided?

A: Usually, with our design agreement signed Le 网站 Hou, Jiu become our web hosting Huiyuan, we offer free website hosting the first Nian maintenance and free advisory services, including follow-up of design elements experience, to help solve the practical application of the process, we also offer free advice and follow-up of the BUG to promote maintenance. Even if the co-end, our company will continue efforts to meet customer needs, whether business or on other aspects ....
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